LCC Global Travel is the premier provider of customized corporate travel management to the world’s small and medium-sized businesses. One of the services that sets us apart is personal consultation to keep our customers informed before, during and after the journey. Here’s a list of answers to new customers’ most frequently asked questions, and a glimpse at how we go about creating solutions to their concerns.



1. What differentiates LCC Global Travel from its competitors?

The local strength of our worldwide LCC-offices make us stand out as your partner in corporate travel management. Our understanding of clients' needs goes well beyond just speaking their language - we also consider culture, customs and economic conditions. The benefits of our owner-operated network of travel agencies include quick decision-making processes and a clear customer focus that meets the needs of both your company and its individual travelers.

2. How does LCC Global Travel's structure benefit me and my company?

We are an exceptional network of independent entrepreneurs who can meet cpmplex requirements simply and quickly, finding solutions that are tailored to your needs. We guarantee a single point of contact and uniform travel management products that are centrally coordinated at the LCC Headquarters, while maintaining the local touch that our customers value. We never take a "one size fits all" approach. The independence and diversity of our locally operated agencies fosters the creativity necessary to arrange travel programs that reflect your culture and needs.

3. Can LCC Global Travel support my company's risk management strategy?

Safety and security are of paramount importance to us. Our reporting tool delivers global traveler tracking and data, enabling us to pinpoint employees' exact locations at any time. Rest assured that if when an emergency does take place, the LCC Global Travel team on the ground is prepared to enact a comprehensive crisis management program to get your people home safely.

4. Does LCC Global Travel provide specialized services to cover a Duty of Care requirement?

In the case of an emergency our management information tool will track your employees so that we can support them and make sure they get home safely. We also offer more intensive security for those traveling to high risk countries. Any safety will be addressed both before and during the complete trip with our 24/7 Service and Security Alerts to make sure they are provided with all the information they need. Our security partners include iSOS, iJet and Trisavo.

5. Is there a quality control system that ensures standardized processes?

You can feel confident that your travel data will be handled in accordance with your requirements to make your journey as pleasent as possible. Our Quality System ensures that the travel process is aligned with the travel policy and that all necessary data is recorded. This guarantees a quality trip and smooth data reporting after it concludes.

6. How does LCC Global Travel ensure we will receive the lowest fares at the time of booking?

Whether you book online or offline, our tools and roboticy ensure the smoothest, highest quality itinerary possible. Our systems prioritize preferred supliers, refelcting localized travel policy and ensuring that we offer the lowest fares available.

7. Can LCC Global Travel support its clients in implementing and expanding the use of Online Booking Tools?

Using our Online Booking Tool guarantees savings between 10-30% of your total travel spending. We are hightly experienced in helping all kinds of multi-national corporations and companies use and ecxpand our online Booking Tools. A dedicated implementation team will lead you through the process, completes with training and communication strategies.

8. Travelling abroad often requires complex bureaucratic processes. How does LCC Global Travel support us in acquiring visas and other documentation?

We work together with CIBT Visa Service, which is headquartered in Germany, to make sure you always have the right visa information. Visa alerts will be fully automated and information will be sent to CIBT everytime an international ticket is issued. Should a visa be necessary, an alert is sent to the traveler and booker.

9. What is LCC Global Travel's account management concept?

We view account management as a corporate responsibility and guarantee that your service requirements and development expectations are managed smoothly and effective. Your Global Account Manager will act as a liaison between you and all the management functions within the network. and the local markets, providing responsive integration of your travel progam goals at a strategic and operational level.

10. What kind of reporting strategy does LCC Global Travel provide?

Our advanced reporting unlocks a new level of analytics and provides you with key decision making data. This data reveals the patterns that characterize your travel program, helping you and youe Global Account Manager identify ways to improve the efficiency of your budget. Our system tracks all activities on your account, providing you a complete picture of activity according to criteria that you chose, whether that means measuring the total cost of corporate travel, or just flights and hotels. Multiple reporting configurations hone in on details down to the individual traveler.