Since we were founded in Frankfurt more than 25 years ago, LCC Global Travel has grown steadily alongside our customers, spreading around the world through partnerships with a network of local experts who understand the market, culture, language and challenges in their regions.  
Because they too are small and medium-sized enterprises, our owner-operated agencies have a special awareness of customers’needs and concerns, enabling us to extend an array of individualized services that can be modified to suit swiftly changing market conditions. This means that as your company grows, we are poised to provide superior support for each new foreign venture. 
As companies attempt to reduce the cost of business travel, the needs of their employees are changing. The next generation expects not only comfortable transit and accommodation, but the latest technology to manage the process. Increasingly, this means booking travel via new online channels and apps on mobile devices. Meanwhile, travel managers are faced with the task of mediating between these two sets of interests.

So how do businesses keep employees and travel managers happy while maintaining their travel budgets? LCC Global Travel offers the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and comfort for business travelers. Our Total Program Management provides a transparent overview of the entire travel process with the latest technological developments, all while helping travel managers find way to save money, adhere to company travel guidelines and arrange stress-free journeys for travelers.

Whether you’re managing company travel or embarking on a business trip yourself, we guarantee dependable service to everyone involved through our seven core values: trust, excellence, security, sustainability, passion, innovation and personality.
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For Companies


Put your business travel management into our expert hands, saving money and time while providing a pleasant journey for your employees.



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For Business Travelers


We understand that you’re busy, which is why you can count on us to take care of you every step of your journey. From flight connections to hotel location, we create the most convenient itinerary possible so that you can focus your energy on work.


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